Official Rules and Regulations

Celebrity Judges 2016

Christopher Bahr, LDS Bishop

Peter Ballantyne, TRS

Anita Barlow

Chief Richard Barlow, US Border Patrol

Kymberli Campbell, Restaurant Manager

Kurt Farrington, TRS

James George, Sentinel Financial Advisors

Deborah Scott, Cohn Restaurant Group

Paul Stearns, LDS High Councilman

Lin Taylor, TRS

  • Teams can have up to 8 members. Team registration fee covers admission, does not include vote markers
  • Guacamole must be prepared on site. Teams will be provided with avocados, onions, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, limes, cilantro and serving cups.
  • Teams must provide their own seasoning spices, secret ingredients, etc. along with mixing & mashing bowls & utensils, cutting boards and serving bowls. A large ice filled bowl can be used to chill your guacamole. Please bring your own ice.
  • Teams are encouraged to decorate their table to enhance their presentation. The public will vote for the team with the best presentation.
  • Things to bring: Gloves, Knives, Spoons, Cutting Boards, Bowls, Spices, Table Covering



  • Family & friends are invited to come & sample and judge for a $5 donation - tortilla chips provided along with stickers to vote for their favorite team in each category. They can purchase additional stickers for $5. Vote early & often!
  • Based on the public voting, the top 3 teams in each division will remake their recipe for the judges. The top finisher in each division will be entered in the final round.  
  • The one team that receives the most write-in votes by the public will win the People’s Choice Award.  The People’s Choice Award winner, if not already voted into the medal round for their category, will be added as the fourth team in that category competing in the medal round.
  • Note: In order to vote for the People’s Choice Award, the voter must be present to cast the write-in vote and there is only one vote per person, (no buying of People’s Choice Award votes)

  • The teams competing in the medal round will be provided 12 avocados (including vegetables) and given 12 minutes to prepare their recipe in front of our official judges   Vegetables used in the medal round may not be pre-chopped prior to the start of the round.

    Note: Prior to the start of the official judging, a bowl of guacamole will be collected from each team for later use in the trophy round

  • Gold, Silver or Bronze medals will be awarded to the teams determined to have made the best guacamole in the medal round, as voted by our celebrity judges.
  • The previously collected guacamole of the four Gold medal winners will be used in the trophy round
  • Trophy Round: The guacamole recipe voted to be the best overall by our celebrity judges will be awarded the “Guacamole Cup” trophy, bragging rights for the next year and the captain receives an avocado-green Culinary Jacket.

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